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Sustainable Industrial Insurance

Fire hazards, natural disasters, cybercrime, machinery breakdown, business interruption….
We advise and support you in all risk-related matters in connection with industrial insurances

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Your Path to Sustainable Industrial Insurance Solutions

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Risk assessments are often based on incorrect information that has arisen due to a lack of knowledge, time or information. Based on this misinformation, risk representations often turn out to be negative. The consequences of this are excessive insurance premiums or even the loss of insurance coverage, and a worse position in the insurance market. These consequences can pose serious risks to the profitability of a company!

Versicherungsengineering® breaks this cycle and brings you more security and control! risk on mind® is your partner for a long-term, sustainable and economic risk policy!

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Independent- Professional – Customized


Remain autonomous and self-determined through holistic risk assessment by
risk on mind® and our independent position to many stakeholders.


We combine your individual data with statistical parameters and standardized procedures – for the best possible mapping of your risks!


Our software platform rismo® maps your risk potentials, compares them, derives measures and makes the profitability of the control visible.


Our consulting and recommendations pay off immediately for every company. Profitability is the focus of our consulting activities.


Bring competition into your risk!
Versicherungsengineering® eliminate knowledge, time or information deficits.
Create independent framework conditions for a fair and economic insurance situation.

Independent Assesskement of Risk Situation

Gain overview of entire risk landscape. Create awareness
and correctly assess risk potentials.

Objective Evaluation & Optimal Presentation of Risks

Negative risk representations due to misinformation are a danger to the
profitability of companies. Objective risk assessment and transparent
presentation of risk potential ensures economic insurability and creates competition in the insurance market.

Economically proactive Management

Which measures are effective and make economic sense? Proactive
preparation saves time, costs and nerves!

Risik Communication on an Equal Footing

Insurance is a tool of risk management – not the other way around!
With clear reports and transparent data, create a communication platform for
for policyholders, brokers and insurers – for an economic and sustainable
and sustainable insurance situation.

Implementation of Economically Sustainable Risk Policy and Monitoring 

Active monitoring of operating facilities can help to implement a sustainable
risk policy can be pursued in companies. For healthy companies
and sustainable success!

Our Services


Comprehensive objective risk analyses with digital support from risk on mind®.

Cross-divisional expertise on fire hazards, natural disasters, cybercrime, machinery breakdown, or business interuptions.

Many years of experience with industrial insurance.

risk on mind® stands for economically effective and sustainable solutions!

We stand for targeted risk transfer and consideration of residual risk in the risk budget.

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We support the daily cooperation with your customers and assist during tenders.

Evaluation of risk reports & independent assessment of your clients’ entire risk portfolios.

Standardized and transparent presentations via our  analysis software rismo.

PML and EML assessments
Review previous recommendations from reports for impact. Developing recommendation alternatives.

Preparation and monitoring of risk surveys.

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Consideration of the insurer’s wishes in developing effective alternative measures.

Independent and transparent risk presentation.

Clear, objective and transparent risk presentation of entire risk portfolios.

Support through our in-house Software (rismo®).

IDD and standard compliant.

Clearly comprehensible results. Repeatable and easy to compare.

Review previous recommendations and develop alternative recommendations.

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