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This is what our risk on mind® service does for brokers:

Fire hazard, natural disaster, cybercrime, mechanical breakdown, liability, or interruption of business. We consult and support you in all insurance matters.

We support the cooperation with your customes by:

  • Evaluation of risk reports,
  • Technical and content-related processing as well as clear summary of all relevant data,
  • A quick-to-record, standardized one-sided risk scoring per customer,
  • Standardized and transparent presentations via our analysis-software rismo®.

You can also count on us regarding tenders!

  • We review third-party risk reports and prepare them according to our uniform standards.
  • We review the available data and research all relevant risk parameters.
  • We compare the risk assessment with extensive basic statistical data and create a fact-based foundation for risk management.
  • We create desktop analyses for data completion with rismo Forms.
  • We perform PML and EML assessments.

Our service for you

  • We work through incomplete and misleading risk information in an understandable way.
  • We review the insurer’s risk interpretation and establish strong fact-based counterarguments.
  • We analyze the estimated probable maximum loss (PML) and the extent of loss under normal operating, use, and loss mitigation and loss prevention (EML) conditions. Often this can be done quickly and easily without an on-site inspection using the fire protection plan, Google Maps and photographs.
  • We review previous recommendations from reports to determine their impact and provide recommendation alternatives to increase cost effectiveness.
  • We independently assess your clients’ risk portfolio – even at multiple sites during risk on mind® visits. This guarantees holistic evaluations across locations and precise top risk analysis.
  • We prepare risk inspections, accompany them or carry them out – this protects you and your customers from unexpected insurance recommendations.
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