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Why Versicherungsengineering®?

Often, risk assessments are based on false information, which is caused by a lack of knowledge, time, or information. Based on this misinformation, risk assessments often turn out negative. The consequences of this are excessive rises of insurance premiums, or even the loss of insurance coverage, and a worse position in the insurance market.

These consequences can pose serious threats to a company’s profitability!

Insurance is a tool of risk management – not vice versa

Versicherungsengineering® remedies the lack of knowledge, time or information, establishes clear guidelines for the insurer and creates an independent framework for a fair and economical insurance situation.

No matter if fire hazards, natural disasters, cybercrime, machinery breakdown, or business interruption. We advise and support in all matters in the insurance context!

Bring competition into your risk!

This is what our risk on mind® service does for your company

  • An independent partner who represents your interests, optimally analyzes and assesses your risk situation and designs the perfect insurance solution together with your broker. This brings you long-term cost efficiency
  • Tailor-made risk management concepts: We optimize your risk so that you appear attractive on the insurance market.
  • No overpriced or wrong investments for control measures. We regulate your investment for the things you really need.
  • No false security through wrong insurance solutions, because these endanger your business
  • Continuous optimization of your risk map, risk control and risk protection.
  • Digital software solution supports your risk management optimally with overview, transparency, efficiency and the reconciliation of statistical basic data.
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Our strategy – in 5 steps

1) Insurance-independent recording of risks

Goal: Define the risk landscape: (define framework conditions, describe object of assessment/determine magnitude and risk potentials).

risk on mind® starts the development and adaptation of the RM process with regard to the client’s needs. Documents for the implementation of the process, are provided. We help to select the right experts to support the process.

risk on mind® evaluates the current state of the risk and underwriting situation. All data on site risk, process risk and other relevant basic data are analyzed and evaluated. The data basis is brought to a comparable level.

2) Objective evaluation & optimal presentation of risks

Goal: Develop process structure plan, define units and evaluate risk potentials. Prevent one-sided assessment. Optimal and transparent presentation of the actual risk potential.

risk on mind® supports you in structuring and evaluating the data obtained in step A. Our evaluation basis is always based on probabilistic calculation methods. Your individual risk data is compared in our database with relevant information on risks in your industry. This allows for the most detailed and accurate estimation of individual risk parameters. The goal is the development of a work breakdown structure, which is used as a basis for controlling.

3) Risk communication at eye level

Goal: Presentation of the possibilities & determination of the control.

risk on mind® structures the data collected in the course of the evaluation and presents them transparently and clearly in individual units. The risk analyses provided by us represent an absolutely serious proof of risk, are IDD and standard compliant, and are accepted by all insurance companies.

A comparison with conventional analyses of the insurance industry (PLM; EML) is possible at any time.

Our software rismo® serves as a digital platform to present risks clearly, transparently and objectively for companies, brokers and insurance companies. With risk on mind® creates a balance between the interests of companies and insurance companies.


4) Economical proactive control

Goal: Designing economically sensible and sustainable control measures.

risk on mind ® creates a bandwidth diagram to clearly show essential risks. We support you in the development of economically sensible control measures, and develop economically sensible control measures together with you based on the risk structure and prioritized according to risk potential. The goal is to optimize risks and to secure them for sustainable insurability.

We support you in the development of economically reasonable control measures prioritized according to hazards.

5) Implementation of economically sustainable risk policy

Goal: Presentation of options; monitoring. Targeted risk transfer and consideration of residual risk in the risk budget.

risk on mind® brings you control through “alternative risk transfer” (ART):

  • Design of basic insurance coverage according to your own interests.
  • Flexibility in risk engineering – you can directly influence
  • Direct influence on the cost structure
  • Direct access to the reinsurance market
    premium design independent of the market


Active monitoring of operational assets and the creation of a sustainable risk policy helps you reduce your risk and design the perfect insurance solution. This brings long-term cost efficiency.

For support, our risk on mind® experts are always available for you!