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Insurance alone does not secure the company’s future

We not only make your company fit for the future through a seamless risk analysis. We correctly record the values to be protected, weigh up your own risk and support cooperation with brokers and insurance companies on a technical level. This is successful management at eye level! Entirely in the sense of healthy companies.

If you want to navigate a company into the “port of profit”, you need a holistic risk management. risk on mind® GmbH is an independent company that focuses exclusively on your operational needs. In cooperation with brokers and insurance companies we provide a functioning safety net for your business. This will save you time, money and nerves in a short time!

We record potential risks meticulously and precisely, analyze and evaluate them using standardized methods and by comparing them with statistical data. On this basis, you can manage risks internally in a targeted manner. You also know exactly what the financial consequences of each possible loss event could be and know the probabilities of occurrence and costs of the various mitigation measures. As a result, you remain economically successful and have a transparent advantage regarding negotiation with brokers, insurers, suppliers, partners and lenders.


Record operating risks transparently.

The most important step is to record operational risks transparently!

Avoid risks:
If entrepreneurs can eliminate risks, insurance is no longer necessary for them.

Minimize or limit risks:
If companies can minimize or limit risks, reduced insurance makes sense.

Create risk provisions internally:
Regularly deal with capital and liquidity internally in an analysis and action-oriented manner. They are important parameters for risk management in the company.

Transfer risks:
Only transparent risks should be transferred. – Why?

  • Entrepreneurs then only pay for what they actually need. And: Invest money in risk minimization measures rather than in insurance premiums. That pays off in the long run.
  • Brokers find the optimal insurance solution faster and easier.
    Thanks to targeted risk management, fewer claims occur. This saves the entrepreneur and the broker time, costs and nerves.
  • Transparent risk can be managed cost-effectively in the right place.
  • In the event of a claim, there will be no discussions because the risk in the form was known to the insurer.
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Why risk management is the most important basis for your insurance 

  • As risk carriers, insurance companies do not assume an independent position vis-à-vis the policyholder.
  • An insurance company only assesses insured risk potential. Risk potentials that have not been requested – and may have been overlooked – thus remain uninsured or unmanaged.
  • The basic idea of risk management is to make the best possible use of the financial resources employed. Controlling risks is more cost-effective in the long term than paying regular insurance premiums for them. Good risk management prevents losses before they occur. This saves time for the broker and the company!
  • Risk management creates a balance between business and insurance. It makes for serene policyholders, because they are insured according to their needs, and for satisfied insurance companies, because a proactive approach prevents problems from arising in the first place.
  • With appropriate – also digitally supported – methods, you always have your risks in view, can act quickly and insure the remaining risks in your interest in a sensible and economical way.